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ultrasonic pipette cleaning machine

The company is one of the credible manufacturers , supplier and exporters of Ultrasonic Pipette Cleaner in Mumbai India.

Thorough cleaning of pipettes always has been crucial to reliability of the result of samples in laboratory. Laboratory will require a ultra sonic cleaning system to ensure that pipettes are completely clean and free from contaminants prior to each use. Any residue or debris left from previous processing could provide inaccurate and incorrect testing results.

The use of delicate instruments in the laboratory makes sonic cleaning a perfect technology for laboratory glassware cleaning and reprocessing.

Previously pipette cleaning had been done by rubbing the cleaning solution with the help of brush.

LeelaSonic has developed Ultrasonic Pipette Cleaner for cleaning of pipette. This gentle yet effective cleaning action ensures that contaminants are removed but pipettes are not damaged.

No more hand and mechanical brushing is needed for cleaning the pipette & glass ware , Lab Instruments.

  • Gentle yet effective cleaning action.
  • Pipettes are completely clean and free from contaminants.
  • Short cleaning times.
  • No glass breaking when used correctly.
  • Low consumption of chemicals.
  • Micro Controller base Digital Timer & Temp. Controller.
  • With latest MOSFET base technology.
  • Low transducer losses permit maximum cleaning action.
  • Modular generator for easier modification/servicing.
  • Rugged and easy to clean stainless steel housing.
  • Extensively protected electronics circuits for longer and safe operation.
  • Frequency 33 KHz + / - 3 KHz
  • Input voltage range of 170AC-270AC.50 Hz
Tank Size ( L X W X H )
Capacity Liters.
Leelasonic -PC
6” X 6” X 36”

Customizes Tank Size are also available