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ultrasonic parts cleaning machine

Leela sonic is manufacturing and supplying ultrasonic cleaning equipments. Also provide after sales & support service supports for our cleaning equipment. We manufactured from the smallest  bath to the largest PLC based automated multi  bath system. These automated systems are a cost effective option for precision cleaning of parts.

Cleaning of Industrial parts always is always a worry in industries. Most of the industries are still cleaning the parts by hand scrubbing. Residue on parts has been removed by rubbing the cleaning solution with the help of brush.

This cleaning method is time consuming, waste of manpower, still cleaning is not consistent & not up to the mark.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems is necessary in the industrial process for surface finishing and protecting sensitive components. Some processes are very sensitive to parts cleanliness. Removing oil is must from the surface of the component before coating. Cleaning process includes hot alkaline detergent in the cleaning machine.

Leela sonic has developed ultrasonic cleaning machines in Mumbai Thane for successful cleaning of industrial parts.

No more hand and mechanical brushing is needed to remove dust with grease, oil and residual polymer on components.

These machines are used for cleaning industrial parts , nuts, bolts, engine parts, aircraft parts and hydraulic filters. Using our machines you can thoroughly clean the components.

Controls are enclosed in the steel enclosure to eliminate the possibility of corrosion. Systems also include drain and fill ports with ball valves to provide for easy to fill liquid for operations.

These machines applications are hospitals, automobile , marine , aerospace industries.

Our cleaning equipment includes both aqueous and solvent systems for precision cleaning and degreasing.

These cleaning machines cleaning applications are  engine components, industrial parts.

  • Ultrasound cleaning, rinsing, and compressed air drying in a single cleaning system.
  • All components are easily accessed for maintenance operations.
  • Available with Pulse Sweep Energy.
  • SS control enclosure provides ease of operation and less corrosion.
  • Inbuilt Digital Timer & Digital temperature controller.
  • Auto Degassing

Small single and double  baths systems are normally used for lower volume cleaning. Large single and multi  bath aqueous based system used for large components or large volume

Small bath capacities from 2 to 20 litres are used for PCB , watch , jewellery , surgical instruments and small parts of industries. These machines have Digital timer range 0 -99 and digital temperature controller range of ambient temperature to 80 degree C.  bath and body material of construction is stainless steel. Wide range of frequency 25 khz, 33 khz , 40 khz

Tank Size ( L X W X H )
Capacity Liters.
LeelaSonic - 50
9" X 5.5" X 4"
LeelaSonic - 100
12" X 6" X 4"
LeelaSonic - 150
12" X 6" X 6"
LeelaSonic - 250
12" X 9" X 6"
LeelaSonic - 500
18" X 12" X 6"

Large bath capacities from 30 to 1000 litters are used for automotive engine parts , filters and large parts of industries. These machines have Digital timer range 0 -99 and digital temperature controller range of ambient temperature to 80 degree C. Tank and body material of construction is stainless steel.

Tank Size ( L X W X H )
Capacity Liters.
LeelaSonic - 600
500 * 300 * 250 mm
LeelaSonic - 1000
600 * 400 * 400 mm
LeelaSonic - 1500
750 * 400 * 400 mm
LeelaSonic - 2000
900 X 500 X 500 mm

Multi stage industrial cleaning machine Details

Parts Cleaning System  as per customer requirements

First Stage : Ultrasound Cleaners
Second Stage : Ringing Chambers
Third Stage : Drying Chambers

The Two- bath ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing machine designed for lower volumes of parts are cleaned and rinsed manually by operators. Compressed air can also be used by operators to dry parts after the rinsing process is complete.

Multi stage aqueous cleaning system with 1st stage heated ultrasonic clean, 2nd stage rinsing , 3rd stage hot air dryer. This system is suitable for production of industrial parts in all industries.

PLC based precision cleaning machines with parts handling systems are also available for large volume.

Higher capacity also available as per customer requirement. of  Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments , Washing Machine , Brass Pars Cleaner , SS Parts Cleaner , Auto Mobile Parts Washer, Aircraft Parts Cleaner , Ball Bearings cleaning.