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Industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment Products

multistage ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning bath are very useful for precision cleaning of industrial parts. Ultrasonic machines are very effective to remove any foreign particles from parts. It removes oil , grease, dust from brass, stainless steel and aluminium parts

ultrasonic mold claener

Leela Sonicoffers Ultrasonic Mould Cleaning Equipments in a number of configurations depending on your needs. Sizes range from tabletop tank and generator systems that are effective at cleaning inserts, core pins and small molds, to fully integrated wash / rinse / drying systems for larger molds. Aqueous Cleaners, alkaline cleaners, Vapour Degreasing, Degreasers, Spray Washing Machines

ultrasonic parts cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning systems is necessary in the industrial process for surface finishing and protecting sensitive components. Some processes are very sensitive to parts cleanliness. Removing oil is must from the surface of the component before coating. Cleaning process includes hot alkaline detergent in the cleaning machine. Ultrasonic printer head cleaning machine.

ultrasonic jewellry cleaners

Conventional cleaning is done by scrubbing, soaking, etc. It consumes lot of time; it may not be done properly at best of times and it is not possible to reach in to crevices. These can only be removed by using our Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaning equipments. Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaning machines offers 100% safe method using ultrasonic cleaning effect.

ultrasonic pcb cleaners The company is a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Ultrasonic PCB Cleaning machine in Mumbai  India . Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner is specially designed to clean electronic PCB and spare parts of the circuit, remove dust, water or any kind of useless material of the circuit. Ultrasonic PCB Cleaners India, offered by us, is safe for electrical components and has fast cleaning action. Ultrasonic PCB Cleaning  is microprocessor controlled, indigenously designed and manufactured in India as per the industrial set standards.

ultrasonic filter cleaners

Leela sonic has developed ultrasonic cleaning equipment for successful cleaning of Filters. No more hand and manual brushing is needed to remove contamination like grease, hydraulic oil and rust residual from the filters

surgical instruments cleaners

It is imperative to incorporate the highest standards of cleanliness to provide quality patient care. The major medical instruments and tools calls for 100% cleanliness are surgical instruments used in various surgical operative procedures like endoscope surgery, neuron-surgery, microsurgery, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, obstetrics & gynecology, plastic surgery and also various dental operative procedures , dental cleaner.

ultrasonic probe sonicator
  • Ultrasonic Generator to produced high Frequency Electrical Energy operating at a frequency of 20KHZ and Ultrasonic Power of 120W - 1000W
  • S.S. Velocity Horn fitted with PZT Crystals (Transducer Elements).
  • The Velocity Horn assembly converts the electrical high frequency energy fed from the Ultrasonic generator to mechanical vibrations at the rate of applied electrical frequency. The amplitude of these mechanical vibrations is magnified by this Velocity Horn. This Velocity Horn is used for the processing application.

    sonicator with chiller

    Sonication  generates heat which may be harmful to some applications. Controlling temperature by adding ice chips and repeatedly changing water is no longer necessary.

    ultrasonic stencil cleaner

    The ultrasonic stencil cleaning process permits penetration of minute crevices to remove solder paste, flux or SMD adhesives more efficiently than spray washing or hand-wiping and without the use of harmful solvents or aggressive chemicals. Tough enough for dried-on paste, gentle enough for fine pitch screens, stencils, and misprints.

    bath sonicator

    A modern pharma laboratory will require a bench top ultrasonic bath cleaner. To ensure that all items are completely clean and free from contaminants prior to each use. Any residue or debris left from previous processing could provide inaccurate and incorrect testing results.