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ultrasonic cleaning machine

We are one of the renowned Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of parts cleaning machine in India.  Multi Stage Industrial Degreaser Cleaning System .

We manufacture Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems in highly controlled industrial environments. We have used the latest MOSFET / IGBT  base technology to deliver the best quality Multi Stage cleaning systems

The demands of cleaning industrial parts  require a cleaning machine as per your requirements. Our baths are perfect for deep and precision cleaning. To remove dirt, grease, waxes, and oils from industrial parts like steel, brass , aluminium , nonferrous metals, plastic and glass.

Ultrasonic cleaning also is able to penetrate minute crevices that conventional methods cannot.  This cleaning system is more consistent, repeatable cleaning process is possible.

Moreover, Parts Cleaning Machine, offered by us, are easy to use and handle.

Features :

  • Micro Controller base Digital Timer .
  • With latest MOSFET / IGBT base technology.
  • Automatic frequency tuning for maximum output
  • Low transducer losses permit maximum cleaning action.
  • Auto Degassing.
  • Modular generator for easier modification/servicing.
  • Rugged and easy to clean stainless steel housing.
  • Extensively protected electronics circuits for longer and safe operation.
  • Frequency  25KHz / 33KHz / 40 KHz + 3 KHz
  • Input voltage range of 170AC-270AC.50 Hz or 440 VAC , 3 Phase Supply
  • Labour cost is substantially reduced.
  • Increase the Parts life.
  • Reduced Parts damage from cleaning.
  • Reduced wastages.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to maintain system.
  • MOSFET / IGBT Base technology save the power.
  • Heater with thermostatically control increase cleaning effect.
  • Rust free stainless steel housing , easy to clean.
  • Free Lid & basket as per customer need.


Electro Plating

Brass Parts

Wire Drawing Die  

Auto Parts

Aircraft Parts

Auto Parts

Surgical Instruments

PCB Cleaning


Glass wares

Pharma laboratory




Punch Cleaner

Note : Higher capacity & customized models are also available as per customer requirement.

Warranty : One year

Tank Size ( L X W X H )
Capacity Liters.
LeelaSonic - 600
500 * 300 * 250 mm
LeelaSonic - 1000
600 * 400 * 400 mm
LeelaSonic - 1500
750 * 400 * 400 mm
LeelaSonic - 2000
900 X 500 X 500 mm

Higher capacity also available as per customer requirement. of  Washing Machine/ Brass Pars Cleaner / SS Parts Cleaner / Auto Mobile Parts Washer / Filer Cleaner / Aircraft Parts Cleaner.

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning System ( As Per Customer Requirements Aqueous and solvent systems for precision cleaning and degreasing

First Stage : Ultrasonic Cleaners
Second Stage : Ringing Chambers
Third Stage : Drying Chambers
multi stage ultrasonic cleaning machine

Two Stage Pars Cleaning Machine

two stage ultrasonic cleaning machine

Three Stage Industrial Cleaning Machine

Leela sonic cleaners used for cleaning of  nut, blot, pipe , machine parts and exhaust manifold cleaning. Where cleaning action is needed deep within the network of passages. This large capacity also allows you to clean multiple parts at once. 

For aircraft mechanics, carbon deposits can present a cleaning challenge. Leela sonic washers used for  aircraft parts cleaning not only readily removes carbon deposits, but speeds up the cleaning process considerably. This is much safer than working with the toxic chemicals previously used. 

An industrial sized Leela sonic  aircraft parts cleaner can accommodate large parts or multiple parts. Including fuel nozzles, brake parts, turbine blades, and generator components. 

Parts are thoroughly cleaned and restored to their original condition, which is especially important in aircrafts. 

Our cleaners address many issues that mechanics face today.  To save time and money and to protect both workers and the environment. By using a Leela sonic cleaner, the process of cleaning engine parts.

Thorough cleaning of Parts always is always a worry in industries.  Most of the industries are still cleaning the parts by hand scrubbing.  Residue on Parts has been removed by rubbing the cleaning solution with the help of brush. The cleaning method is time consuming, waste of manpower, still cleaning is not consistent & not up to the mark.

LeelaSonic has developed Ultrasonic Cleaner for successful cleaning of industrial parts.  No more hand and mechanical brushing is needed to remove forein particles like grease, hydraulic oil, rust and grime on parts. 

Using Leela sonic ultrasonic cleaner you can thoroughly clean the parts. This will reduce your manpower in hours & number of people required for the parts cleaning process. While cleaning parts in an ultrasonic cleaner you will not have to disassemble parts. It will also increase the life of parts

Leela sonic Table Top Modules are used for small parts . The Two-tank cleaning and rinsing machine designed for medium volumes of Parts are cleaned and rinsed manually by operators.  

A compressed-air Drying Wand is also included to permit operators to dry Parts after the rinsing process is complete.

The Leela sonic two tank ultrasonic cleaning & rinsing machine  is manufactured using the highest grade of materials available. Includes features such as  stainless steel access panels. Digital Cycle Timers to increase the longevity of the cleaning agent and system. While simultaneously providing convenient operation.  

Controls are enclosed in an  powder coated enclosure to eliminate the possibility of corrosion.  Systems also include drain and fill ports with ball valves to provide for easy liquid maintenance operations.

Ultrasonic cleaning is performed in the first stainless steel tank.  Ultrasonic options include a choice of Pulse Sweep Energy ( PSE ) Ultrasonic System for the best possible cleaning effect for most applications.  The ultrasonic cleaning tank is heated using a high efficiency heater with a Digital Temperature Controller which displays bath temperature. The included Digital Ultrasonic Timer automatically deactivates the ultrasonic cleaning cycle when complete.

Under water rinsing is performed in the 2nd stainless steel tank.  Since only 1 rinse tank is included, this system is designed for lower volume applications. Where detergent transfer from cleaning tank to the rinsing tank is minimal.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Application

Aircraft maintenance machine parts

Hospital surgical instrument cleaners

Automobile engine parts  fuel injector break chain

Optical components

Anything that is honed, lapped, buffed, or polished

Moulds  cleaning

Automobile engine parts  fuel injector break chain

Medical orthopaedic implants

Ball Bearings cleaning

Wire drawing dies

Electronics  SMD & throw hole type PCB

Stencil maintenance

Laboratory Glassware, Pipette  cleaning

SS , brass , metal parts cleaning

Jewelry cleaning (new manufacture)

Electro plating industries

Lenses, ophthalmic  , specs

Marine SS wire mesh filter

Electronic PCB  assemblies

Laboratory sonication degassing

Mechanical assemblies , Engine parts , Filters

sonicator bath with chiller in pharma QC lab