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Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner

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Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Cleaner / Ultrasonic Cleaner for Hospital CSSD'S  / Surgical Instruments Cleaner Product Description

We are one of the premier Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner. The Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner is used for cleaning all surgical instruments metallic or plastic including endoscopic hand held surgical instruments, suction tips, endotracheal tubes and sharp instruments, etc. Moreover, it is possible to clean inaccessible crevices and joints using Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner.

Significance of Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner
It is imperative to incorporate the highest standards of cleanliness to provide quality patient care. The major medical instruments and tools calls for 100% cleanliness are surgical instruments used in various surgical operative procedures like endoscope surgery, neuron-surgery, microsurgery, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, obstetrics & gynecology, plastic surgery and also various dental operative procedures. In today’s world, prevention of deadly diseases like AIDS has become a challenging task. Hence, considering all these facts, we have introduced Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner for ensuring 100% cleaning of medical instruments by using modern –hi tech ultrasonic method.

Ultrasonic Cleaning for CSSD’s

CSSD is the abbreviation of the Central Sterile Supply Department. The objective of establishing a Central Sterile Supply Department is to make reliably sterilized articles available at the required time and place for any agreed purpose in the Hospital


Now-a-days increasingly important decontamination standards have seen the greater adoption of validated ultrasonic cleaners in the CSSD environment.


Because of government concern over the potential risk of vCJD and its potential for cross-infection a set of guidelines were introduced to cover the decontamination process. It was designed to improve the whole process and tighten up on traceability, which it has achieved. It has also resulted in significant investment in the CSSDs to improve the service. This has meant refurbishment of existing departments and new build CSSDs. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment has become an essential for this process of improvement due to its ability to clean difficult and complicated instruments. 

Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaning  over other methods of cleaning

Spraying : 14%,  Immersion : 30%,  Steaming : 35% Brushing : 72%  Ultrasonic Cleaning : 99 %

  • Compact, lightweight, very efficient - saving valuable and costly power.
  • Rugged and reliable systems.
  • Micro Controller based Digital Timer.
  • With latest MOSFET based technology.
  • Automatic frequency tuning for maximum output.
  • Modular generator for easier modification and servicing.
  • Rugged and easy to clean stainless steel housing.
  • Extensively protected electronic circuits for longer and safer operations.
  • Frequency 33 + 3 KHz
  • Input voltage range of 170AC-270AC.50 Hz

Warranty : One year


Model Capacity  Lit. Size ( L * W * H )
Leelasonic - 50 1.3 6” X 5.5” X 2.5”
Leelasonic - 60 2 9” X 5,5” * 4”
Leelasonic - 100 4 12” X 6” X 4”
Leelasonic - 150 6.5 12” X 6” X 6”
Leelasonic - 250 10 12” X 9” X 6”
Leelasonic - 400 20 18” X 12” X 6”
Leelasonic - 500 40 20” X 12” X 10”
Leelasonic - 250 (lapro) 14 21” X 7” X 6”
Leelasonic - 500 (lapro) 20 24” X 9” X 6”
Leelasonic - 500 (lapro) 25 29” X 9” X 6”


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