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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner / Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments / Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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Product Description

Cleaning of industrial parts always is always worry in industries.  Most of the industries are still cleaning the parts by hand scrubbing.. Residue on parts has been removed by rubbing the cleaning solution with the help of brush. The cleaning method is time consuming, waste of manpower, still cleaning is not consistence & not up to the mark.


 LeelaSonic has developed Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments for successful cleaning of parts.  No more hand and mechanical brushing is needed to remove contaminated with grease, hydraulic oil, rust, grime, carbon, aluminum shavings and material gassing , residual polymer on parts. Used for cleaning industrial parts , nut, bolt, engine filters, aircraft parts, hydraulic filters.


Using LeelaSonic Ultrasonic cleaner you can thoroughly clean the parts. This will reduce your manpower in hours & number of person required for parts cleaning process. While cleaning parts in ultrasonic cleaner you will not have to disassemble parts. It will also increase the life of parts


The Two-tank ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing machine designed for lower volumes of parts are cleaned and rinsed manually by operators.  A compressed-air Drying Wand is also included to permit operators to dry parts after the rinsing process is complete.


The Leelasonic Two tank ultrasonic cleaning & rinsing machine  is manufactured using the highest grade of materials available, and includes features such as  stainless steel access panels, and Digital Cycle Timers to increase the longevity of the cleaning agent and system, while simultaneously providing convenient operation.  Controls are enclosed in a electrical enclosure of  steel enclosure to eliminate the possibility of corrosion.  Systems also include drain and fill ports with ball valves to provide for easy liquid maintenance operations.

Applications include: refurbishment of computer, photocopier and engine components, maintenance of mould tools, cleaning of extrusion dies, printing components, surgical instruments, electronics assembly system parts and small machine components

System Design Features:

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing, and Compressed Air Drying in a Single Cleaning System.
  • All Components are Easily Accessed for Maintenance Operations.
  • Available with Pulse Sweep Energy Ultrasonic Systems.
  • SS Control Enclosure Provides Ease of Operation while Eliminating Potential Corrosion.
  • Inbuilt Digital Timer & Digital Temp. Controller.
  • Auto Degassing

LeelaSonic Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning Equipments Range

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners Table Top Model

Model Tank Size ( L X W X H ) Capacity Liters.
LeelaSonic - 50 9" X 5.5" X 4" 2
LeelaSonic - 100 12" X 6" X 4" 4
LeelaSonic - 150 12" X 6" X 6" 6.5
LeelaSonic - 250 12" X 9" X 6" 10
LeelaSonic - 500 18" X 12" X 6" 20

Large Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

Model Tank Size ( L X W X H ) Capacity Liters.
LeelaSonic - 600 500 * 300 * 250 mm 38
LeelaSonic - 1000 600 * 400 * 400 mm 96
LeelaSonic - 1500 750 * 400 * 400 mm 120
LeelaSonic - 2000 600 X 500 X 500 mm 150

Higher capacity also available as per customer requirement. of Ultrasonic Cleaners / Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments / Ultrasonic Washing Machine/ Brass Pars Cleaner / SS Parts Cleaner / Auto Mobile Parts Washer  / Ultrasonic Filer Cleaner /  Aircraft Parts Cleaner.


MultiStage Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning System ( As Per Customer Requirements )

Aqueous and solvent systems for precision cleaning and degreasing

First Stage : Ultrasonic Cleaners  Second Stage : Ringing Chambers Third Stage : Drying Chambers

These are modular design means that additional stages can be added to meet a variety of process requirements

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